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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Car Rider Signs and BackPack Tags?

  • Our products are used to help create an organized dismissal process

  • Ensures students are picked up by the correct parent and that students are using the correct route of transportation

  • Assists in the promotion of a safe education environment

The Car Rider Sign, and all other parent signs, were developed to help schools eliminate long car pick up lines and to get the children into vehicles quickly and safely. The BackPack Tags were designed to get the children to the correct location after dismissal.

How Do They Work?

  • Parents use Car Rider Signs to identify which student they are authorized to pick up

  • Students use BackPack Tags to signify to faculty which type of dismissal transportation they use as well as confirm the correct parent in the car pick up line

  • Different colors for different grades

The Car Rider Sign and Sizzler Sign are placed on the visor of any car. The sign itself slides up and down on the visor for easy storage all year. All Mirror Hang Signs easily wrap around and detach from the rear view mirror. The sign is clearly visible from more than 250 feet away.

The BackPack Tags attach to the loop of the child’s backpack using our durable connector strap or around the student’s neck using a lanyard. By displaying the student’s dismissal information each school can enhance their dismissal process to ensure students arrive at the correct location and arrive home safely.

How Do You Pay For The Car Rider Sign Or BackPack Tags?

  • School budgetary finds

  • School District issued PO


  • School fundraiser

  • Local Business Sponsorship

The majority of schools purchase our products utilizing their general school budget or using a district order Purchase Order. Some schools utilize our products as a fundraiser with parent participation in order to fund the cost. Some schools look to their PTA’s/PTO’s for funding while others obtain assistance from local businesses that support student safety. 

How To Personalize?

  • Attach your own adhesive sticker to all products​

  • Easily write using a permanent marker or sharpie

By placing a sticker with your school’s logo or mascot along with the appropriate student information, customization becomes possible. Or simply just write the desired identifying information to fit the needs of your unique dismissal process.

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